How It Works

A Fusion of AI and Neuroscience

Neuro-Inclusive Design

Tailoring content through neuroscience to meet unique cognitive and learning preferences.

Advanced AI Customization

Utilizing LLM and RAG for dynamic, individualized educational content creation.

Deploy and Thrive

Easy integration for transformative learning experiences and scalable educational growth.


Signature Solution:

Neuroscience-Driven Personalization

Harnessing cognitive science to create learning experiences tailored to each student's brain for more profound and lasting engagement.

State-of-the-Art AI Technology

Advanced AI customizes learning, leveraging Large Language Models to adapt content to individual learner profiles and needs.

Effortless Integration & Scalability

Simple, seamless integration into existing systems with scalable solutions that evolve with your educational business's growth.

Tipz AI

Drive growth through - Innovative Artificial Intelligence Solutions.

At Tipz AI, we are committed to revolutionising the Educational landscape with BEACON, our flagship AI-driven learning platform. Drawing on our founders' extensive experience in education and neuroscience, Tipz AI brings you BEACON – a tailored, AI-enhanced learning platform that intuitively aligns with each learner's cognitive journey, elevating the educational experience through mindful, personalized engagement.

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